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super-mario-run-android-apkThe game has received lots of one-star reviews, as fans complain about the price tag, online-only requirements and more.

Some fans are upset that the World Tour story mode is locked behind a paywall and only the first few levels are free-to-play.

Others have argued that the free levels are so easy that it puts them off buying more.

It doesn’t appear to have done sales much harm, because Super Mario Run downloads have soared, according to CNBC.

Super Mario Run is already the most-downloaded game on the US App Store, and is expected to hit 500 million downloads for Nintendo.

As for when Android users can expect the game, Nintendo of America boss Reggie Fils-Aime said that it would be out on Android in 2017 during a recent interview.

“In order to develop the game and make it as special, we had to focus on one platform and we decided to focus on iOS, iPhone, [and] iPad,” he previously said.

“And so, in the future, it is coming to Android, we’ve made that commitment and something that will happen in 2017.”


Super Mario Run breaks records with 40 million downloads in its first 4 days

Nintendo has confirmed what we all knew was likely – Super Mario Run got a lot of downloads at launch. The company says that the app was downloaded over 40 million times during its first four days on the App Store, which breaks records for Apple’s mobile software shop. Previous third-party estimates suggested the new game was on track to topple Pokémon Go’s previous early performance and approach the 40 million mark, but this official number confirms it.

In a press release issued by Nintendo, the company says that in addition to its top ranking in the “free” chart of the App Store in 140 different global markets (of the 150 where it’s available), it’s also now in the top 10 ranking for best grossing games in 100 different markets.

Super Mario Run launched globally, but only on iPhones and iPads. Meanwhile Pokémon Go launched cross-platform, but rolled out slowly across the globe. Pokémon Go hit 30 million downloads in two weeks. In sheer money-making terms, both games are free to play (initially), and while Pokémon Go depended on in-app purchases, Mario Run jut offered the single ten-dollar purchase for the entire game. There’s no other in-app purchases for Mario’s smartphone debut, at least, not yet.

The release also notes that Nintendo is making it easier to enjoy all modes as much as possible following the initial purchase, and a recent feature update indeed now allows you to run head-to-head with friends without using tickets, which are normally required for the Toad Rally.


Super Mario Run isn’t just about building brand awareness for the Nintendo’s Switch launch

The real point of Super Mario Run and the NES Classic, at least in the short term, argues Walker, is “increasing overall Nintendo brand equity and buzz before the launch of the Switch,” Nintendo’s upcoming console release. Certainly the hype surrounding the retro micro-console and Super Mario Run have put Nintendo in the headlines. And there is no denying that Pokémon Go led to increased sales of Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon.

Despite huge day-one download statistics and a positive reception by gamers and the press, Super Mario Run has not been met with a corresponding stock bump for Nintendo. Indeed, the company’s shares were down 4% at launch, a sign that investors are not happy with the mobile game’s premium pricing.

Much like in other countries, Super Mario Run has managed to shoot its way up the iOS charts in Japan but what is interesting is how it has also avoided a major monetization pitfall that is prevalent here.

At the time of writing, Super Mario Run is at the top of the Free charts in Japan and fifth in the Grossing chart, beating the likes of Pokémon GO in the process (as that is now in eighth place here).

That said the game is moving slower up the Japanese charts compared to its meteoric rise in the U.S. and players are complaining similarly about the price point of the pay wall for not much in the way of content and its low difficulty.

Analysts at SuperData, meanwhile, have downgraded their expectations for Super Mario Run’s first-month revenue from $60 million to between $12 and $15 million, citing a “prohibitive” always-online requirement. SuperData expects a price cut after the holidays.

EEDAR VP of Insights Patrick Walker notes that the endless runner genre, combined with premium pricing, “will lead to rapid declines in revenue and overall revenues that are lower than other market leaders.” Walker argues that the move minimizes risk for Nintendo, however, since developing a game “designed to make ongoing revenue for many months is challenging and has a much higher chance of complete failure.”

Super Mario Run isn’t just about building brand awareness for the Switch launch, it’s also about maintaining brand fidelity for the long-term, as Nintendo moves more and more into mobile gaming.

Been Released On The Android Platform Is Security And Fear Of Piracy

Been Released On The Android Platform Is Security And Fear Of Piracy

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Super Mario Run Android Apk

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