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lenovo-android-tab-3-10At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February 2016, the Lenovo also unveiled a series of new tablet models, the Tab3 series with different sizes in terms of inches. Present were in fact models 7, 8 and 10 inches. Today we talk about the features, hardware and software features of the model with a larger screen, the tablet Lenovo Tab3 10. “His availability is from the month of June 2016, also in Italy but what it costs, what its price and presents possibility to be connected to the 4G LTE network? it has a slot for micro or nano sim sim and the screen is IPS LCD or not? the two quant megapixel cameras and the default operating system is Android Lollipop or Marshmallow? the Ram and memories internal how many gigabytes it is and there is a connectivity, and a wlan card for wifi? the screen resolution reaches and battery power that owns? Let’s talk in a new full review on Lenovo tablet Tab3 10 with hardware and software features, card and technical specifications, images and final price to the Italian public.

Micro SIM
GSM / HSPA networks support
10.1 “screen (IPS LCD)
screen resolution 1920×1200 pixels
224 ppi pixel density
multitouch system
Mediatek chipset
Quad-core processor 1.3 GHz
Wi-Fi card 802.11 b / g / n, hotspot
Android 6.0 operating system Marshmallow
8 MP primary camera
Second Camera 3 MP
Ram 2/3 giga
internal memory 32/64 giga
Micro SD up to 32 giga
HTML5 browser
GPS Integrated A-GPS
Bluetooth v4.0
7000 mAh battery (Li-Ion) nonremovable

Tablety Pc Lenovo Z Systemem Windows 8 Lub Android Lenovo Pl

Tablety Pc Lenovo Z Systemem Windows 8 Lub Android Lenovo Pl

A micro SIM can be inserted into this tablet and then you realize that it is used to make phone calls and have a 3G abbbonamento so being able to connect to the GSM network and the HSPA but not to 4G LTE. Very interesting to her as well 10.1-inch screen and a full HD resolution of up to 1920×1080 pixels. Unfortunately, however, its pixel density has a value not very high and that of 224 ppi and this means that its display does not display an exceptional despite being constructed with a panel that uses IPS LCD technology. Good multitouch system and mounted the great operating system that is Android Marshmallow in version 6.0.

The chipset is a Qualcomm but a Mediatek processor and a nice quad core 1.3 GHz power while we do not know which graphics card is installed. The wlan card is dual band and therefore does not allow to connect to the frequencies from 5 Ghz but only to those from 2.4 Ghz so is the Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n type with hotspot function and it seems no Wi Fi Direct function . Also missing features such as DLNA and NFC for exchanging data but Fortna why we have the Bluetooth that is in version 4.0 and of course there is even a satellite system type A-GPS GPS.

The RAM memory can be 2 or 3 gig while the internal memory can be of 32 or 64 gigabytes, and therefore the price is very dependent on these two important factors hardware while on the micro sd card inserted it can be up to 32 gigabytes, not a great value but consider that the internal memory can be precisely 32 or 64 gigabytes. Few sensors available, rather it seems to be the only one accelerometer. This thankfully a model based on HTML5 browser.

As for the two cameras then the primary is 8 megapixels with only function of geo tagging but that records video in Full HD 1080p @ 30fps while the secondary is only 3 megapixels. There is an editor to easily edit photos and videos made on site ruotanbdoli for example, by applying the color effects, cutting them, etc … and great media player that opens audio files like MP3 / WAV / WMA / AAC and video as MP4 /H.264. He could not miss an internal document reader and therefore .pdf file can be opened without problems. The battery is 7000 mAh, Li-ion but no nrimovibile.

Evaluation Board – LENOVO TAB3 10
Team Rating: from its hardware and software features you will understand that we are facing a not so great model, we can even say that they are facing a fairly low caliber model with the only interesting thing is the display that you see pretty good but otherwise we expected more from a tablet which has, in its complete version, is priced around 300 Euros. Outstanding department memories with that very large internal also in the smaller version but shame about the micro sd which can not exceed 32 gigabytes as capacity. The two cameras are not that good with the secondary even 3 megapixel and lacks many features now found on virtually all or almost all tablet. Although the operating system is Marshmallow this is not enough to say that we are facing a very good model which then also lacks a dual band wlan card, some functions such as DLNA and NFC and other features. The price might be low and we hope that the version sold in Italy has held at least these characteristics. Lenovo we definitely expected more.


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Lenovo Android Tab 3 10

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