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os-lolipopAndroid Lollipop itself many claim is an OS that has a lot of major changes taking place on the history of the android operating system that exists today. Successor and the successor of OS Android Kitkat which is already widely in use in a wide range of smartphones from the lower class to berkulitas smartphones have always received very much attention from loyal users android.

The existence of the Android OS is now becoming a new trend in the smartphone industry, this is not separated from the uniqueness and advantages that many have of the OS. Up until now was not just mobile phones are able to have this Android OS, tablets, televisions and also perangkar wearlabel or smartwatch also have many that use the Android OS on this one.

And recently the largest Internet king Google has announced a new Android OS that is labeled L which has an extension android Android Lollipop. But to know more about the Android OS Excess Lollipop this one, maybe you should first understand the history of the presence of this OS.

Earlier, one of the workers saeorang google namely Giovanni Calabrese is a designer android sculpture in the building Googleplex, announced that L in this latest android OS means Licorice become a very hot rumor in the industry universe of today’s smartphones.

Official Google provides an extension of L on this new OS as Lollipop. And not many know that it turns Excess Lollipop Android OS this one very much if we compare it with previous versions of the Android OS.

Android Lollipop isn’t a baby anymore – it’s been around for almost a year. And, now that we have the benefit of hindsight, has it been a success or will it be remembered as a bit of a dud in the development of Google’s Android operating system?

Up-to-date Nexus devices now run Android 5.1.1, which has had a few tweaks that address some of the things people really hated about Android Lollipop when version 5.0 first arrived back in 2014. Doesn’t time fly in the tech world?

I’ll take a quick look at what has changed since the software launched, before diving into a full appraisal of the Lollipop software, which is set to be kicked into the past by Android Marshmallow very soon. Later on in this review I’ll also give you an overview of what’s changing in the next version of Android.

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