4G Lte Network


4G LTE IP-Based System

4GMaybe some of us have heard about the latest network whose name 4G As the successor generation of 3G is still widely used. But you know what it’s all buddy 4G or often referred to as 4G LTE?

What is it 4G. 4G is the abbreviation of the term fourth-generation technology. The term is used to refer to the standard fourth generation of mobile phone technology. 4G is the development of some earlier technologies, namely 3G and 2G. 4G Systems is able to provide ultra broadband network that can be used for a variety of electronic equipment, such as smartphones and PCs.

4G system provides a variety of comprehensive IP solution where data, voice, and multimedia flows can be up to users anytime and anywhere.

There are two candidates for the 4G standards that have been commercialized in the world which is the standard WiMAX.

There are various opinions about 4G, namely: 4G is an IP-based system is fully integrated. This will be achieved after the wired and wireless technology can already be converted and were able to produce such remarkable speed 100Mb / s and 1Gb / sec both within and outside space with high security. Every 4G handset will automatically be able to have a number of IP v6 is equipped with the ability to interact with the internet telephony based on Session Initiation Protocol (SIP).

4G LTE for some people must have felt that this is the most recent data transmission speed is incredible. indeed, 4G or can also be called the 3GPP LTE (LTE: Long Term Evolution) is a wireless data access at speeds of extra high Being based on networks such as 2G (EDGE) and 3G classmates UMTS / HSDPA. although the same but the transmission spectrum should be separate. Download speeds on LTE network can reach 300Mbps and upload it reached 75Mbps, what a wireless speed of today are extremely fast. Just imagine if at the speed of file download youtube friend of 100Mb then it does not take long, one to 3 seconds capable of downloads. it-even when the network is not congested and the most excellent signal transmission.

4G Lte Network

4G LTE service was first adopted by mobile operators in stockholm and oslo by mobile operators TeliaSonera. While in Indonesia itself has escaped trial and development stage 3 network by mobile operators like Telkomsel, Indosat and XL Axiata. Later when the network has managed to cover the entire area of the cities in Indonesia, the most likely predicted would mark the abandonment of the 3G network which is still widely used.

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